These pictures were taken by the Editor and Publisher of Community News a local   
 newspaper. The Editor has covered the gazebo story since it first hit the media           
 after the threat from the City was witnessed. The Editor also covered in person the     
 gazebo zoning board hearings, both of the appeals, the presentation of petitions to    
 the Mayor at the commissioners meetings and as you can see here the 2nd set of      
 petitions out of 6 presented to Sea Isle City Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio.  
Pictured below are Sea Isle City Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio, Sea Isle City Clerk           
 Teressa Tighe and Louise Clemente presenting the Mayor with the 2nd set of              
 petitions for a gazebo only ordinance.

  The one question everyone keeps asking Louise is
 Why is the Mayor doing nothing to help?

 The Mayor has offered no solutions.  Why?
Louise reads the gazebo only ordinance to Mayor Leonard C.      
  Desiderio and the Mayor    reads names of the many residents     
  who have signed for the gazebo only ordinance in the Mayor's     
  office along with City Clerk Teressa Tighe and the Editor of the   
  Community News newspaper.

  It should be noted that the Sea Isle City Zoning official Robert   
 Bowman who issued the gazebo permit for 19' 4 5/8" was not        
 certified as the Sea Isle Construction official by the State when   
 he inspected hundreds of newly constructed homes and                
 approved them all and their illegal " Bonus Rooms". Now the Sea  
 Isle City Construction official that replaced him, Cornelius            
 Byrnes continues to approve illegal "Bonus Rooms" .

   Now the mayor is creating an ordinance to make these Illegal
"Bonus Rooms " legal with no petitions.

    It should also be noted that the currant Sea Isle City                  
 Construction official Cornielius Byrnes is the husband to the        
 Sea Isle City Zoning Board lawyer who said at the gazebo              
 variance  hearing that the City had a place for the gazebo and      
 the Zoning Board members kept talking about donating the           
 gazebo to the City even after Louise said no.

  These illegal "Bonus Rooms" illegally add a room to a house       
   which can be rented out. That is why the accesory height was     
   changed to 15' so garages couldn't add a room on top and rent   
   them out illegally. There aren't any rooms in Louise's gazebo.

  The Governor's investigation should also look into these illegal  
  "Bonus Rooms" that both Robert Bowman and Cornelius Byrnes    

   Once the Insurance companies find out about the approved       
  illegal " Bonus Rooms" The Mayor is going to be in trouble           
  these rooms are on FLOOD LEVEL.